Laurence Turner




My name is Laurence James Turner. I have been passionate about photography for over 10 years. When I was 18 I passed my BTEC Level 3 course in photography with a triple distinction star. I have just completed my BA (Hons) photography degree at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. 

Whilst studying, I completed several photography projectsLaurence Turner for paying clients, both product and portraiture based. I have experience of working in a busy photographic studio with Andrew Dunsmore and worked during my summer holidays with Kre8ive Partners, a design agency in Hertfordshire, as their in-house photographer where I assisted in the production and photography of the company’s portfolio. I also learnt studio techniques on real-time projects, sat in client design meetings and attended press runs with the creative head on digital projects. 

Although this is a digital age of computers and electronics I have gained a deep understanding of the traditional, creative past of the fine art of photography by developing my own 35mm films and producing my own prints.

This understanding has helped me perfect my passion with an eagerness to create some stunning results which cannot alone be created in a digital age.

I would sum myself up as a team player, but also very capable of working on my own initiative. Friendly approachable, willing to try, master new techniques and skills. Creative – Imaginative – Original, with an eye for detail backed-up with enthusiasm second to none.



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